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Boys Like Girls and Escape the Fate Conspiracy Theory.

Alright so I have come to the conclusion that Boys Like Girls and Escape the Fate are out to get me. They got together after Warped in Minnesota and conspired against me. They decided that neither one of them were going to come to Kansas City on their fall tour just because of me. It is all  a plan to make me cry or piss me off. 

Stupid Boys.
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Okay, let's see...

My name is Noelle and I'm 23 years old.  I live in California and this summer will be my first time seeing BLG live on the Van's Warped Tour.  I've been a fan for awhile and first got introduced to BLG through Cute Is What We Aim For when they went on tour with BLG awhile back.  I've been hooked ever since.

And what can I say about Paul, he's just adorably cute and he seems like such a down to earth guy.  Hopefully I get the chance to meet him and the rest of BLG when I go to Warped this summer.
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My favorite boys in the whole world

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Oops...I didn't read the introduction requirement when I added the community.

Anyway...my name is Stacy. I'm from Indianapolis Indiana. I first heard of BLG last summer from a friend but didn't get the chance to see them live until the Cartel tour. (Because I pretty much greatly dislike the bands they've toured with previously) I first met Paul in February and he's seriously awesome so when I saw this community dedicated to him I didn't hesitate adding it.

I can't wait to see them again in less than a month. (I would appear more excited if the exclaimation point worked on my sidekick...haha)

Intro post...

I guess I should do this now.

My name's Amy, I'm 16, and I'm from the lovely state of Florida. I love Boys Like Girls and Paul {obviously} because I love their music, and Paul is just awesome. I actually got the chance to meet him when they were on tour with Cartel and Cobra Starship. He's a sweetheart and probably one of the nicest people I've ever met. So here's a short story;

My friend's sister's friend's dad (say that five times fast!) went to get her (my friend's sister's friend) shirts signed by the boys, and he told Paul, "If you sign this, I'll be the best dad in the world."

And then Paul says, "No, you'll be second best, after my dad."

What a sweetheart. I seriously love him.

Ok, enough rambling. Peace out. And feel free to friend me, if you want.
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